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Adopt a grandparent for your furbaby

Seniors and Volunteers (cannot show faces)
Seniors and Volunteers (cannot show faces)
Courtesy of Maria Rum

My Best Senior is a new, all-volunteer organization created to partner young adults with senior citizens confined to nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Its goal is to develop a positive relationship that has a direct and lasting effect on the elderly in our community.

Pet therapy and rescue is one component of the group’s mission. Seniors Helping Seniors allows senior citizens to adopt senior dogs and cats. Not only will they be saving a life, but the animal they rescue will provide them with love in return. According to the group’s website, “Being around animals, petting them, and cuddling allows seniors to calm down, feel less stressed, and even lowers blood pressure. Studies show those who are around pets are much happier and live longer than those who are not around pets.”

Maria Rum says of the group she founded, “We have events at nursing homes where we take in volunteers to chat with the senior citizens. We also do pet therapy. The animals I've taken so far are my own rescues and my friend’s rescues. We would love to get more rescues in the area to bring in their animals.

My Best Senior is hosting an event Easter Sunday, April 20 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in Glendale. To participate, you can click on Adopt a Grandparent and fill out the form or just email me. I need a volunteer application. Animals do not have to be certified. But have to be well behaved and okay with people petting them.

The goal is to find more volunteers and more rescue groups who are willing to go to nursing homes once a week or maybe twice a month. Dogs, cats and rabbits are welcome.

“Time is one of life’s most precious gifts,” says Rum. “Sometimes donating your time is worth more than anything else in the world.”

Donate your time and befriend a senior. Give your furbaby another grandparent as we can never have too many people who love us. For those without appropriate pets, your time is still needed and valued.

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