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Adolph Obama’s lies get bigger and leftists get shriller

Obama and Leftists demonize the Supreme Court decision to uphold Hobby Lobby's religious freedom. The small corporation refuses to supply abortion pills in accordance with the ObamaCare mandate. Obama says they are endangering women's health.

Yesterday on the last day of June, Obama said the Supreme Court’s decision against ObamaCare endangers women’s health. On the immigration crisis of tens of thousands of children flooding into the U.S., Obama says “If Congress does not act, I will act alone.” The GOP announced that Obama’s dictatorial attitude is going to bring about a Constitutional crisis.

Following the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision against the ObamaCare mandate, requiring all businesses to offer abortion coverage for all female employees on the grounds of religious rights, Barack Obama spoke out against the court claiming they were denying women contraception and endangering their health. Women’s groups like NOW took up the cry saying Christians wanting to deny women contraception are dangerous to women. Bill O’Reilly took umbrage with their claims stating that these are outright lies promoted by the president, Leftist groups, and the liberal media to demonize Christian groups.

In a discussion with Megyn Kelly in his first segment last night, she revealed that the claims of the president and liberals are false. Hobby Lobby’s health coverage includes contraception medication and other forms of contraception. The owners of the small corporation only objected to abortion and abortion medications like the “morning after pill” that induces the abortion of fertilized eggs. Of twenty types of contraception pills mandated by ObamaCare, Hobby Lobby health insurance covers sixteen of them.

O’Reilly: American liberty threatened by Obama and the Left

Over the past week the Supreme Court ruled against Obama four times and struck down a number of his actions as unconstitutional. Although O’Reilly lamented that four justices voted for Obama on issues such as forcing corporations to provide ObamaCare, and also declaring that employees can be forced to join a union, even the Leftist judges unanimously voted with conservative and moderates against Obama on his overreach of power from the White House. The border crisis, caused by the interpretation of a law from the Clinton era, is wreaking havoc on the border costing American taxpayer’s billions to care for unaccompanied Central American children.

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