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Adobe's Michael Gough interviews on drawing as literacy: part one

Adobe's VP of Experience Design Michael Gough leads an experience design team which is working on Adobe's innovations of a transformative digital pen, ruler and new iOS drawing app expected to release in the coming months. This diverse global team of architects, academics, sculptors, DJs, writers, designers, and engineers is designing the future of pen and paper.

Adobe's new digital drawing tools, Projects Mighty and Napoleon, expected to be released soon
Adobe's new digital drawing tools, Projects Mighty and Napoleon, expected to be released soon
Courtesy of Betsy Flory
Michael Gough interviews on drawing as literacy
Courtesy of Betsy Flory

Integral to the creative process, drawing provides an immediacy and expressiveness imperative to creative professionals. By integrating the power of analog drawing tools with Adobe's Creative Cloud, the new digital drawing tools will increase accessibility in the digital workflow, empowering professionals to develop their ingenuity and unique style.

In this interview, Gough discusses the importance of drawing to our creative thinking and evolution:

L.C. In which ways is drawing an essential form of literacy in education and fundamental to stimulating the creative process?

M.G. Just as there is a linkage between writing and critical thinking there is clearly a link between drawing and creative thinking. There is a growing recognition of the importance of creativity in all walks of life — especially given the intractable problems we face in the environment, geopolitics and across cultures. The logical and critical thinking that has served us so well over the last thousand years is also what has led to these problems. It will take fresh, creative approaches to find solutions. This is the reason why creativity – and drawing specifically — is so essential to education. Visual literacy is a critical part of the creativity curriculum.

This interview continues to part two as Michael Gough discusses Adobe's new digital drawing tools>>