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Adobe releases Photoshop Mix 1.1

Adobe has announced the first update to their iPad app Photoshop Mix. Back in June 2014 Adobe had made a series of major announcements to their mobile creative strategy that included both software advancements in tablet and phone apps along with Adobe’s first hardware development project, Adobe Ink and Adobe Slide. Photoshop Mix 1.0 was one of several app expansions that included, Adobe Sketch and Adobe Line.

Here are a few of the new features found in Adobes Photoshop Mix 1.1 update
Here are a few of the new features found in Adobes Photoshop Mix 1.1 update
Adobe Systems
Check out what's new in Adobes free mobile photography app Photoshop Mix
Adobe Systems

In this first major update to Photoshop Mix 1.1, Adobe has added lots of new features to an app that is probably one of the most powerful mobile apps for image composting. These new features include,

  1. Undo/redo
  2. Swap image
  3. Panorama Support
  4. GPU Performance support with the latest iPads
  5. Full-resolution back to Camera Roll
  6. Dropbox support
  7. PNG support
  8. Photoshop Express integration
  9. There’s also extended language support for Italian, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

Yet, with this update the question arises, why buy Photoshop Touch when you can use Photoshop Express with Photoshop Mix 1.1 for free? While both apps can fetch files from Creative Cloud, Photoshop Touch’s tools for image processing are more powerful than those in Photoshop Express. Plus, there are other image processing mobile tools like Google’s Snapseed that can be paired with Photoshop Mix for some serious imaging control. Plus the enhancement tools in Photoshop Mix aren't shabby. The other question is, when will the Android version be released? Come on Adobe. Even if you still want to believe that there are more “creative pros” on iOS, according to Business Insider, Apple holds 15% of market share to Androids 80%. So, maybe it’s just R&D cloaked as a marketing thing.

Well marketing aside, Adobe’s Photoshop Mix 1.1 looks pretty exciting and you can download this new update right now here. Have fun!

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