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Adobe Photoshop product manager Zorana Gee interviews on design focused features

Since Adobe Photoshop's initial launch nearly twenty-five years ago, the revolutionary image altering application has evolved into a powerful design focused tool. Senior Photoshop product manager Zorana Gee, who has worked on the Photoshop team for more than fourteen years, is instrumental in Photoshop's development. Interfacing between customers and software engineers, Gee is especially pivotal in impacting the evolution of Photoshop's 3D capabilities.

Photoshop CC
Photoshop CC
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kuhn, used with permission
Senior Photoshop product manager Zorana Gee
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kuhn, used with permission

Here, Gee discusses recent features implemented into Photoshop CC that can expand creativity and streamline workflow:

L.C. In which ways do the latest designer-centric features and improvements in Photoshop, such as Rounded Rectangles, Adobe Generator, and System anti-aliasing for type, make Photoshop more versatile for designers?

Z.G. The new features in Photoshop CC make it a much more fluid design tool. Adobe Generator saves designers tons of time by giving them constantly up-to-date assets right out of their PSD files. The new system anti-aliasing option makes type in Photoshop match the browser, whether you are on a Mac or Windows machine. Editable rounded rectangles make working with shapes much easier – as you have the option to easily change the pixel dimensions of the corners after you’ve placed the shape.

And we have so much more planned! We’re constantly bringing new refinements and improvements to Photoshop’s rich toolset, making it the most powerful and flexible design canvas.

L.C. How would you describe the impact that the specific feature of Linked Smart Objects is having on designers' workflow as they combine different types of media content into their designs?

Z.G. Linked Smart Objects fundamentally change how designers create their designs. By linking content out to an external file, designers can reference the same object from multiple PSDs. If they ever need to change that object, they only need to change it once and the changes flow through all of their documents. This works with Illustrator files, logos, buttons, blocks of text, raw photos, and any other design elements or file types that Photoshop can read.

You can even have multiple people reference the same file for better collaboration in a team. Someone editing a raw photo can make changes to a photo in Lightroom that flow into the design downstream, or the person creating the identity for a client can change the Illustrator file and have the logo update in all designs that reference it. Once designers start using Linked Smart Objects, their workflows will change significantly, and for the better.

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