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Adobe Originals program celebrates 25th anniversary with new font

On the occasion of its landmark 25th anniversary, Adobe Originals program for digital fonts released its milestone 100th font family, Source Serif. Announced Tuesday, May 20, this new OpenType font is available for free from the Adobe Typekit font library and from SourceForge as a download.

Source Serif now available in three weights – regular, semibold, and bold
Source Serif now available in three weights – regular, semibold, and bold
Photo courtesy of Tarra McCurdy, used with permission
Adobe Originals releases Source Serif for free in three weights
Photo courtesy of Tarra McCurdy, used with permission

During a personal briefing last week, Adobe Originals' product marketing manager Nicole Miñoza discussed the release of Adobe Originals' 100th typeface. She exclaimed, "to celebrate this milestone, and the fact that you have twenty-five years of original typeface design at Adobe, we decided to open source this typeface as a thank you to our customers."

Providing this new typeface as a gift to the community and providing source files used in production, Adobe Originals invites users to customize the font and to collaborate in its development. The accessibility of the new typeface, which is a perfect serif companion to the popular open source sans serif font Source Sans, will expand the possibilities of Source Serif and will continue Adobe Originals' commitment to typographic excellence.

Since first releasing the text families Adobe Garamond and Utopia in 1989, the Adobe Originals program has designed highly innovative new typefaces and revived classic typefaces, creating a superb library of quality digital fonts. Adobe Originals fonts include highly aesthetic and versatile text families, including Adobe Caslon, Trajan, Myriad, Minion, and more.

Adobe Originals has expanded to develop non-Latin typefaces, with a focus on Japanese-language fonts. Also, the program has evolved with new technologies, creating fonts for web and mobile. However, as Miñoza explained, "despite everything that has changed in digital publishing during the last twenty-five years, some things remain the same. Designers all over the world still need high quality typefaces, ones developed for new technology and new medium, and Adobe is still dedicated to creating quality typefaces that are designed to stand the test of time."

In further celebration of Adobe Originals' 25th anniversary, later this month, typography author Tamye Riggs will start a new Adobe Originals series on the Typekit blog that will publish throughout the summer. The series will include interviews, features, and discussion of Adobe type design.