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Administration Still Mum on MG Greene Death, Yet Mourns Williams?

Two American Heroes
Two American Heroes

Being critical of the administrations disillusion has almost become meritless. It’s a kin to rubbing a dogs nose in the mess it made, you’re probably not teaching it a lesson, but you still find the action strangely gratifying.

Yesterday, comedic genius Robin Williams died by an apparent suicide. As with most celebrities that die before their time, our country finds itself in a unprecedented state of mourning and rightfully so. While most will condemn the American public for their glorification of celebrities, not one of us can minimize Williams achievements. But something has been lost on the American public when our leaders would rather make statements of condolences to comedian Williams than Major General Harold Greene, who died this very same month in combat, marking the highest ranking officer to be killed in combat since Vietnam.

Secretary of State John Kerry mourned the passing of William’s stating “He was an absolute genius, with an extraordinary zest for his profession. It's safe to say that there was more going on in him in one minute than most people in a week.”

President Obama also offered a statement about the late comedian Williams passing proclaiming he, “arrived in our lives as an alien — but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit.”

Still yet, there has been no official statement from both of these men about MG Greene. A two-star General in the United States Army. Greene served for 34 years, whose most recent mission was to train and stabilize the Afghan military for the eventual withdrawal. Years earlier he served at the Natick Army Lab’s (Natick Research Center) in acquisitions, procuring and developing lifesaving technologies for soldiers.

MG Greene legacy is survived of course by his family but also by his nation. He is responsible for equipping countless soldiers with technology that resulted in their own survival and he lost his life in the pursuit of a self-sufficient Afghani army in hopes it would offer stability and peace to the region. His legacy is not a bunch of fart jokes and cross dressing on the silver screen. Yet our leaders fail to make any sort of statement on his passing, let alone the at least 15 other individuals who lost their lives.

This is not just an issue residing amongst Democrats either. Chuck Hagel released a statement today on Williams as well and surely more will follow. There is nothing wrong with remembering the life of a great comedian that offered comfort for so many Americans, but it truly underscores the blurred line of politician and celebrity in modern day politics. Especially so when our leaders fail to make any sort of meaningful dialogue about the loss of a great military leader like Greene. It seems, birds of a feather truly do flock together, and when it comes to our celebrities in office, they have lost one of their own.