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Administration says Illegal Aliens are welcome in our public schools

Eric Holder
Eric Holder
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Here we are at the height of the summer season, but for many practical parents, planning for the upcoming school year has already begun. After all there’s a lot of work to do if you want your child to be school-ready. Trips to the grocery store will remind parents that school lunch supplies like juice boxes are cheaper when they’re bought in bulk. Parents who are thinking about moving will realize that they might have to pay more for the same type of home simply to live in an area where there is a good school district. There are school supplies to be purchased and skills to be taught. The enrollment forms differ from district to district, but in general they are very thorough and you will need the following information at a minimum:

Proof of identity for the child, usually a copy of the birth certificate.
Valid driver’s licenses for both parents with current address for school residency requirements
Proof of vaccination
Emergency contact information

There are many resources for parents to ascertain what exactly a child should know before he or she enters a particular grade, so based on the child’s age, a parent may be helping their child to brush up on numbers and shapes, ABCs, or basic math. See following links for more information-

Then there is the vaccination debate. Most parents agree that their children need vaccinations for illnesses such as Measles, Mumps and Rubella, although there is a controversy about the timing of these shots. In America, we give these shots all at once, but in Europe, the shots are spaced out over a period of time to give the child time to recover the body’s natural balance before the next inoculation. Many concerned parents have spoken to their doctors and arranged for this European method to be done here. You may have to battle your doctor and your health insurance to do this, but some parents believe that there is a link between the barrage of shots and our high incidence of Autism, so for them it is worth it to go the extra mile. For more information about this, see the following link-

OH BUT WAIT! If you’re an illegal immigrant, you don’t have to worry about any of this! According to an announcement made by Attorney General Eric Holder, the public schools have been ordered to welcome in the children of illegal immigrants and register them with no questions asked. For more information about this new order, see the following link-

Make no mistake, the current administration is not saying that they will simply turn a blind eye towards illegal aliens in our public schools; they are welcoming illegals in with open arms. Public schools have been ordered to open “Welcome Centers” to bring these parents and children into the system. Each district must have at least one Welcome Center, a place where translators are paid to meet and greet with families and inform parents of all of the free services that they can get through the public schools. For more information about Welcome Centers, see the following link to a local public school district-

This author would imagine that the conversation at these centers goes something like this:

“Welcome, Welcome, we’re so happy that you’re here to grace us with your presence!”

“Hello Ma’am, hello little boy, can you tell me how old you are? No, you don’t know your numbers yet? Well don’t worry about that, we’ll just put you in our special remedial classes, you can stay in public schools until you’re 21, and then we’ll just give you a diploma, even if you can’t read or write. These classes may take away resources from the rest of the curriculum, but that’s okay, we’ll just stop teaching kids the unimportant stuff like critical thinking and literature. That’s the way we do it here in America, we call it the common core curriculum.” (For more about this, see the following link-)

“Proof of vaccination? Oh YOU don’t need to worry about that, you can just say that you consciously object. If you don’t speak English or you’re otherwise unable to fill out the form, don’t worry, I’ll do it for you."

“You have no proof of where you live, no form of identification or proof of residence? Oh that’s fine, we’ll just put on this form that you’re homeless, then you can enroll your child in whichever public school you choose. Yup, just show up wherever, whenever, and we’ll accommodate you and your children.”

“Oh by the way are you hungry? We have lots of food for you. It used to be that we just offered free lunches, but now we also have free breakfasts. If you stay for after-school programs we should be able to feed you a late snack which will serve as an early dinner. On weekends, we can direct your parents to the local food shelves. Add this to the food stamps that you’ll be getting and you should be more than well fed."

“Oh look at that little flag you’re holding, is that the Mexican flag? Yes, that’s adorable, you just keep on waving it. No we’re not going to make you say the pledge of allegiance in school, that might offend your sensibilities. Just because you’re living here, that’s no reason you should have to respect our country or anything we stand for, right?”

Does anyone else think that this sounds more than a little backwards? Our public schools are already strapped for resources, and now American tax dollars are going toward welcoming illegal immigrants and their children. Even if money is no object, and the schools have more than enough resources to take care of anybody and everybody, perhaps we should ask ourselves what this welcoming treatment of illegals is teaching our children. Children are very observant. When a child sees one person who works for years to become a legal citizen, then sees another person who blatantly breaks the laws and simply walks in and takes what he wants from others, what does this teach the child about our society? This new foolish decision to welcome illegals into our schools not only jeopardizes the education of our children, it nullifies our basic teachings of the concept of right and wrong.

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