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Administration endorses Desert Storm, John Adams memorial bills

The House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Public Lands & Environmental Regulation took testimony on Wednesday, Feb. 26 on legislation to establish two new memorials in or near the nation’s capital.

The US Department of the Interior endorsed H.R. 503, which would authorize the National Desert Storm Memorial Association to establish the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial. But the department suggested an amendment. Victor Knox; associate director of park planning, facilities & lands for the National Park Service; testified that the bill should be amended to include a provision on what to do with any money raised should the time limit for building the memorial lapse. The bill would require the association to raise all funds privately.

Interior also endorsed H.R. 3802, which would extend until 2020 the authority of the Adams Memorial Commission to construct a monument to President John Adams. But it also suggested amending the bill so that any excess funds raised to into an account controlled by the National Park Foundation and clarifying what to do with money raised if the deadline comes and insufficient funds are raised..

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And for background on the history of these bills, see the stories linked to below.

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