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Adios Hannah House

My former group Everyday Paranormal posing for a team photo on the porch of the Hannah House.
My former group Everyday Paranormal posing for a team photo on the porch of the Hannah House.
R. Hinton

In time it happens to the best of them. A paranormal venue, with years of satisfying the general public and paranormal investigators under their belt, rolls to a sudden halt. And it’s an abrupt halt…with both feet on the brake petal!

There will be no more affiliation with the paranormal and a future that, for the moment, is not being revealed.

Adios Hannah House.

The Italianate mansion was built along a then very rural stretch of road just south of Indianapolis on what is now Madison Avenue. Legend proclaims the house was used as part of the Indiana connection with the Underground Railroad. Ties with the paranormal gave birth shortly after. The story goes that a group of slaves hiding in the basement died as the result of a tragic fire. Owner Alexander Hannah, not wanting to be associated with housing slaves, buried those bodies in the basement. That seems to be what got the ball rolling. Hannah House became a recipient of spectral activity which continues to this day, including shadows, voices, moans, whispers, and cold spots. There have been reported sightings of Hannah himself and that of an older woman. These are not confined to just the house, but the grounds also.

After a long history of yearly incarnations as a Halloween “haunted house” (I went to a couple during my high school years and this was in the 1970s), public and private overnight investigations, and the annual August Paranormal Meet & Greet which managed to bring the curious public together with paranormal groups for a day on the house’s lawn, the new owners of Hannah House have decided—no more! Keys have been collected, lock codes changed, volunteers dismissed, and paranormal speculation shown the door. However, Hannah House’s website has not indicated otherwise that the focus has even changed; it gives the appearance that it is business as usual. That very well may change in the near future.

So, where does the Hannah House go from here? Will the historical tours of the house and grounds continue? Will they still house wedding ceremonies and Easter egg hunts? And what of the spirits that have taken up residence? Will they now sink into the woodwork and remain quiet?

What happens when a paranormal venue comes to an end? Investigators are an ambitious bunch…they move on rather quickly, and often without looking back. There’s a lot of ground to cover and they tend to hit this ground running. Investigating the Hannah House will be missed—for awhile—until another venue captures their imagination (there’s always one on the horizon) and the Hannah House becomes nothing more than a distant and fond memory.

Those not familiar with the history, and driving by the stately mansion at 3801 Madison Avenue, may take a quick look out their window and wonder—“That place sure looks like a haunted house….” If only they knew the whole story!

Maybe the new owners, given time, will reconsider their decision and allow paranormal investigations to resume. On the financial end, the substantial monies collected for weekend investigations go a heck of a long way towards repairs and restoration. And then there’s the “keep the interest” factor that retains the Hannah House on the radar. When it drops off, it’s hard to get back; in some cases, impossible.

Indiana’s Black Moon Manor debacle had run its course and deserved to end: its time had come. Hannah House, on the other hand, still has life. And much like a clock, it is still ticking.

Maybe, just maybe….

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