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Adelitas Way is hungry to get to the top of the rock world

Adelitas Way Performing at Welcome to Rockville
Adelitas Way Performing at Welcome to Rockville
Chris Zambello

While I was covering the Welcome to Rockville festival, I had the pleasure of spending a few minutes talking to Adelitas Way frontman, Rick DeJesus about their upcoming album and what they have planned in the future. It’s been two years since we’ve seen them live and they have come back ready to take on the rock world and head straight to the top! After witnessing their live set, there’s no doubt in my mind that they will achieve just that.

Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way performing at Welcome to Rockville
Chris Zambello

My first run through “Dog on a Leash”, my first thought was “Adelitas Way has grown up!” I’m noting a sense of maturity here.
DeJesus: You know the record shows a great sense of maturity and it also shows a little chip on our shoulder. I’m very blessed to be where we are in rock and roll, but I certainly believe now is our time to be an elite band. I think we should be headlining some of these festivals. I came into this record with a little chip on my shoulder from what everyone’s saying about rock music as a whole and I said, ‘You know what, let’s not focus on what record we made last, let’s not focus on what everyone else is making, let’s focus on a record that can defy time. Let’s focus on a record that in 2014 and 2015 when somebody pops in this record when their 30, they’ll remember this record because of me because of this album’.

We really took a year and a half writing the album to make sure it’s something special and that really came out and kicked people in the balls.

My computer speakers suck, even still I notice a huge difference in the vocals and guitars here. The sound is more real. What did you guys do differently than you had done on the previous albums?

DeJesus: We approached it exactly the way you said, everything had to be real. We didn’t want no auto-tuning, no ...we wanted everything to be guitars, bass and drums. We practiced the album seven hours a day in a jam room playing together live, locking in and just playing the songs over and over and over again. It just so we could get that organic feel in our live show. We wanted to bring an essence of organicness from what we do live to the record. And like I said, we really wanted to emphasize guitars, vocals, bass and drums. It’s rock and roll, man. That is rock and roll!

AC/DC had Back in Black, Kiss had Destroyer, Metallica had The Black Album. Will this be the album that defines Adelitas Way?

DeJesus: That’s what I went for on this album. I’m gonna continue to send the messages that I gotta send because for me it’s not time to slow down or stop yet. I’m setting my name in music is just becoming what it could be right now. I want to leave with a legacy at the end of this at least when people think of bands, they’ll say that band was awesome! And now’s the time to really entrench myself with that.

With this record, we went in with the mentality that this was gonna be our Black Album, this was gonna be the one that people remember and you know’s gonna be and so is the next one though. I’m very driven and very hungry right now to make sure people understand what we’re capable of.

What song/songs do you think people will still be rocking out to 10, 15, even 20 years or more from now? A good example would be “Hell’s Bells”. It’s as fresh today as it was roughly 30 years ago.
DeJesus: You know, I gotta say so far I think “Alive” is one of those songs because so many people have fallen in love over it and have gotten married. It’s been a wedding song for so many people, there’s lyrics tattooed on so many people so I think that really touches people and will be with them forever.

Also, look at our 2008 release of “Invincible”, that’s six years old already and people still rock to it, they still love it. Obviously when it’s all said and done, we’re gonna have a deep catalog of songs to pick and choose from. I certainly think there are quite a few songs on this new album that are gonna withstand the test of father time.

Tell me what you guys have planned as far as touring. I’ve seen on your website that you have quite a few dates already booked around the country.
DeJesus: Nonstop. We’re ready to go. We’re planning headlining dates. We’ve got a Theory of a Deadman tour coming up in May, we’ve got all the festivals: Rocklahoma, Rock on the Range...still nonstop. We’re gonna do a Three Days Grace run in July. We’re gonna do another headlining run this summer. We’ve got another festival run we’re gonna do summer to fall. So you’re gonna see a lot of Adelitas Way. We’re gonna take what’s ours.

What can fans expect to see at an Adelitas Way show?
DeJesus: A good time. I want to make sure you have fun and we have fun together. You know, it’s part of my day too. We’re sharing a day together. It’s a time where people would say, “What did you do today?” They can answer, “Oh, I hung out with Adelitas Way!” We will make sure it’s a memorable night for everyone.

Be sure to check out Adelitas Way’s website for the release of their new album as well as show dates in cities. They really put on one kick-ass entertaining show.

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