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2014 Winter Olympics

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Adelina Sotnikova wins gold dethroning 'Queen Yuna'

2014 Winter Olympics: Adelina Sotnikova rejoices at the flower ceremony after winning gold
Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Many tears were shed today, Feb. 20 as the ladies competed in the free skate. It was a tight showdown as the top ladies brought their best to the table.

Many expected to see Yuna Kim win yet another gold, but not today. Russia will now turn its allegiance back to Adelina Sotnikova, who had the skate of her life winning gold. Adelina skated with passion and abandon nailing each of her jumping passes. The crowd erupted with joy as Adelina broke down in tears after completing her free skate. It was her time to shine.

"I didn't think I could skate like I did today," Sotnikova told reporters in the mixed zone.

Reigning 2010 Olympic Champion, Yuna Kim, skated last. Yuna landed each of her jumps and had a beautiful skate, yet Sotnikova completed seven triples and Kim only six. This was one of the determining factors that gave Yuna the silver instead of the gold. Apparently #Adios_Queen_Yuna is trending on Twitter in South Korea, which has to be difficult for Kim. It has been reported that Yuna has announced that she is officially retiring and will not be competing at the World Championships.

Capturing Italy's first-ever figure skating medal, was veteran Carolina Kostner. Carolina had a gorgeous skate, she was absolutely exquisite. This was Carolina's third Olympics and she will now have the honor of completing her career with a bronze medal at the Olympic Games.


Gracie Gold finished in fourth place, just missing the podium. She skated with some serious gumption, yet fell on her triple flip. It was an odd interruption to an otherwise beautiful performance. In a field so deep, it is quite an accomplishment for her to even finish in the top five.

Skating with intensity and flare, Ashley Wagner gave it all she had, yet she two-footed her second triple in her triple flip-triple toe loop combination. She managed to stay on her feet and delivered a solid performance, but it was only enough to put her in seventh place.

Coming in ninth place, Polina Edmunds had a great Olympic debut. Only falling once on her triple flip, she skated brilliantly and looked almost at ease as she completed her elements. It was a great start to her international career.

It was a whirlwind ladies event, one that will be talked about for quite some time. Scores will be reviewed and analyzed as the top three delivered such incredible performances. Yet for Russia it was quite a victory. No doubt Russia will take this moment and rejoice with their newly crowned queen, Adelina Sotnikova.

Final Standings:

GOLD Adelina Sotnikova RUS - 224.59
SILVER Yuna Kim KOR - 219.11
BRONZE Carolina Kostner ITA - 216.73
4. Gracie Gold USA - 205.53
5. Julia Lipnitskaia RUS - 200.57
6. Mao Asada JPN - 198.22
7. Ashley Wagner USA - 193.20
8. Akiko Suzuki JPN - 186.32
9. Polina Edmunds USA - 183.25
11. Valentina Marchei ITA - 173.33
12. Kanako Murakami JPN - 170.98
13. Kaetlyn Osmond CAN - 168.98
14. Zijun Li CHN - 168.30
15. Kexin Zhang CHN - 154.21
16. Haejin Kim KOR - 149.48
17. Gabrielle Daleman CAN - 148.44
18. Nathalie Weinzierl GER - 147.36
19. Elena Gedevanishvili GEO - 147.15
20. Brooklee Han AUS - 143.84
21. So Youn Park KOR - 142.97
22. Elizaveta Ukolova CZE - 136.42
23. Anne Line Gjersem NOR - 134.54
24. Nicole Rajicova SVK - 125.00

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