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2014 Winter Olympics

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Adelina Sotnikova’s gold win scores challenged; Yuna Kim to get Olympic review

Sochi Olympics figure skating results to be officially protested
Sochi Olympics figure skating results to be officially protested
Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Adelina Sotnikova’s gold medal win at the Olympic figure skating event in Sochi is officially being challenged. The moment the athlete won the event on Thursday night there were whispers of figure skating scores being inflated for the Russian figure skater. The whispers have overcome the room and now even figure skating fans are questioning what happened. As per the rules, the South Korean Olympic Committee has protested the results of the women's figure skating competition. According to NBC Olympics on Saturday, the decision was based on the fact that the Koreans believe the judging was biased and cost Yuna Kim the gold medal.

Usually, concerns about the scores at competitions are immediately filed with the International Skating Union. It’s pretty obvious that South Korea didn't decided right away to file a request because Yuna Kim was satisfied with the results. The decision came after intense pressure from the fans and other figure skating judges.

Is the request to review scores too late? Figure skating is a tough sport and there are rules in place to handle this type of issue on scoring. It might be too late, but then again the public’s pressure might encourage the ISU to give the situation a serious look. Almost everyone agrees it is very unlikely that the scores will be modified to change the outcome at the Sochi Olympics.

Many fans might insist that Yuna Kim was robbed of the gold medal and other fans will say that Adelina Sotnikova won the medal fair and square. It is safe to suggest that there is never a dull moment in figure skating.