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Adelbert's Brewery releases new barrel aged beer series

Contemplating Waterloo
Contemplating Waterloo
Adelbert's Brewery

Austin’s Adelbert’s Brewery has a new release planned; a barrel- aged beer with a complexity unlike many others on the market.

This new beer is called Contemplating Waterloo and it’s the first in a series of special release, barrel aged beers from Adelbert’s Brewery. Adelbert’s obtained the barrels from Treaty Oak Distilling and for the making of Contemplating Waterloo, Adelbert’s decided to age the beer using barrels that once housed Waterloo Antique Gin. The beer used in the process is actually Adelbert’s Philosophizer, a saison- style beer. Combined with the flavors imparted by the gin barrels, Contemplating Waterloo serves up a complex flavor profile with tastes such as lavender, citrus, juniper, and oak.

Adelbert’s Brewery founder Scott Hovey is anxious to release more barrel aged beers and further develop the series.

“We’ve had a close relationship with Treaty Oak for several years and are big fans of their sprits. When the opportunity came up to age our beer in their barrels, we jumped at the opportunity. The unique flavors their barrel aging brings to their liquors complements several of our beers extremely well.”

Treating Oak Distilling is equally pumped over the partnership and its endless possibilities.

“We have enjoyed some amazing beers from Adelbert's ever since they moved in as our neighbor,” said Treaty Oak Distilling founder Daniel Barnes. “To see our barrels get a second life by being a part of such great beer is really exciting. We can't wait to see what other mutual collaborations lie ahead.”

Contemplating Waterloo’s release is planned for late August and the distribution will be limited. Only 110 cases will ship to Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio with this initial release. To keep craft beer fans updated, Adelbert’s Brewery will post a list of retail outlets receiving Contemplating Waterloo on its social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. More batches of Contemplating Waterloo will be released in the future if barrels are available.

Next on the barrel aged release list will be Tripel Treat, a version of Adelbert’s Tripel B aged in Treat Oak Barrel Reserve Run barrels. Tripel Treat is a few months away from official releases so in the meantime, be sure to check Adelbert’s Facebook and Twitter pages for official information on Contemplating Waterloo and where it can be purchased. Only a small amount of beer is available, so check frequently and purchase your bottle(s) as soon as they become available.

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