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Adela : A grandma fighting for Colon Cancer

Photo by Handout/Getty Images

This is crowdfunding for personal reasons. It is completely focused on helping someone recover from cancer. There are no perks. Here is Mark's story as he stated on his campaign page:

Hello everyone, my name is Mark and I am the grandson of Adela Rarangol. She is 78 years old, a loving, caring and responsible mother and grandmother. At her age, she was very brave to bear two consecutive surgeries, in her will to live more.

My grandma doesn't have any symptom of colon cancer at the start but only a bloated stomach, and mostly diarrhea but sometimes cannot poop for 3 days. We've been to many doctors and was always diagnosed as Gastroenteritis.

Until August of 2013, she suddenly complained of a very pencil-thin-like poop along with diarrhea, unbearable pain in the stomach and heaviness in her anus area. That's the time the doctor suggested a colonoscopy, and there they found out a very large mass on her sigmoid colon. The doctor immediately called for a major emergency surgery. The upper 3 colon areas before the sigmoid colon was stretched to the limit (which is causing the unbearable pain) due to the blockage of food and waste materials that couldn't pass through the very tiny passage in the tumor area of the colon. She undergone a full sigmoidectomy (removal of the sigmoid colon), but due to the swollen part of the 3 upper colons and infection, she was put into a colostomy (where the cut-end of the large intestine is temporarily put out of her left side tummy with a colostomy bag which will serve as a digestive waste disposal).

The removed part of the colon was put into biopsy and resulted to a stage 2 adenocarcinoma (cancer), but thanks God the cancer was isolated into the removed tumor and didn't penetrated the outer wall of the colon and the lymph nodes. It didn't spread out into her colon, other organs and her body.

After 4 months, that was December of 2013, she underwent another major surgery (2nd time) to interconnect both ends of the colon and the anus area. It was indeed successful, , but due to the thinness and unhealed part of the colon, the surgeon opted to put a temporary ileostomy again (similar to colostomy but instead it was the lower end of the small intestine put out of her stomach), until the colon thickened and healed a bit. The doctor advised that the ileostomy can be reversed with a very minor downtime after 2 months even in the OPD operating room only.

After 2 months of waiting, she was very excited that she can finally have a regular poop through her anus (not to mention that the colostomy/ileostomy wafer and bag really cost very expensive). Before the procedure, they performed a Barrium Enema, which will tell if the liquid could successfully pass the interconnected intestines. Unfortunately only a very small amount could pass through, and the doctor suggested another colonoscopy. They found out that there are ulcers and a little bit of shrinkage near the interconnection of the colon, which made her really disappointed that the procedure close the ileostomy was not done, as the poop may clog and will lead to a rapture of the colon. Today, she is very depressed, in denial, and very anxious all the time. She felt pity of herself and she's always hoping to get her digestive system back to normal.

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