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Addressing the aches and pains of aging

koi pond
koi pond
Mary McGrath

If you’re a baby boomer, chances are that you are probably starting to experience a few aches and pains. Maybe it’s your knees, your stomach or something even more serious. Call it a rite of passage or whatever, but let’s face it: getting older isn’t much fun.

In my hunt for medical remedies, I have seen all types of doctors for variety of ailments. I am in relatively good shape for my age, but still things have started to happen, and finding solutions is kind of like going on a scavenger hunt. Sometimes it takes awhile to find what you need. Often your bag can remain empty.

Of course there are traditional doctors, along with those practitioners that have gained more acceptance recently like chiropractors and acupuncturists. But today I decided to try something different: I booked a healing session with someone who was recommended by a fellow who writes for the Wall Street Journal.

I am open to just about anything if it makes me feel better, aside from consuming donkey balls, or something way out of the ordinary, but this avenue was a new one for me. In booking an appointment with the Klee Ministry, I was dismayed that I had to wait a whole year before I could see this Ken Klee. He must be good.

My appointment finally came, and I was nervous and excited about it. Klee Ministry is nestled off San Vicente in Brentwood. Quiet shaded streets welcomed me as I drove up to his home. Inside the property, there was a waterfall and koi pond, both recipes for serene contemplation. I was ushered to a small room where a variety of candles, crystals, and other spiritual items were on display.

Ken Klee’s background as a bankruptcy attorney seems to be 180° from his spiritual work. But if you go to his website, you will see that his lineage in both fields is quite impressive, and many have sworn by his ability to heal.

In the initial phase, I sat down before him and his assistant and they gave me an overall body scan. It was interesting to watch them, as it almost looked like they were sculptors, in the way they physically addressed the airspace around me, using various hand movements to adjust me spiritually and physically. I thought of crossing guards as I watched them move their hands up, down and sideways. Maybe that’s how energy fields are addressed, with various stop and go movements.

Some of the techniques that they employ during these sessions involve chakras, life force energy, neuro emotional techniques, pulsar healing, DNA healing or theta healing, to name a few.

A few additional treatments were used to unblock certain areas, and to promote healing. After two hours, I felt refreshed, calm and relaxed.

Apparently I was in relatively good shape compared to some of the patients Klee usually sees. I was grateful that compared to some who are afflicted with more serious conditions, my health is relatively sound. I made the suggested donation, and hoped for some healing. It was more than I was planning on spending, but since I usually blow most of my money on nice meals, massages, and vacations, why not do something to address the root of some discomfort for a change?

As with any alternative medicine, there’s no guarantee that a particular treatment will work, but in general I feel better, and I am hopeful that this session will have a beneficial effect to integrating my health. Stay tuned…

Klee Ministry
(310) 395-0447

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