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Address Our Mess Announces Expansion into Alabama

Research performed by hoarding and clutter cleaning expert Address Our Mess has determined that an estimated two to five percent of the US population suffers with the chronic mental condition known as compulsive hoarding. Compulsive hoarding can be defined as the inability to part with or discard items of little to no significant value, while accumulation of said items hinders the livability of the home. It is possible that more than two million Alabama residents suffer with symptoms of hoarding.

Address Our Mess, with hoarding cleaning locations in more than half of the continental United States, has begun offering their expert service to Alabama residents. With the announcement of Address Our Mess’s expansion into the Heart of Dixie, Alabama hoarders and those dedicated to helping them can now utilize over twenty years’ worth of expert resources provided by Address Our Mess case managers and technicians.

Address Our Mess’s Hoarding Cleanup Alabama initiative includes providing multiple resources for hoarders to devise a course of action for the recovery to a healthier lifestyle. Along with a variety of visual guides provided on their official website,, case managers also offer listings of support groups and therapists for hoarders to explore.

Address Our Mess’s moniker and promise to hoarders is, “We clean up your life.” With over twenty years of experience in the hoarding and clutter cleaning industry, Address Our Mess has developed a variety of resources to help strengthen their promise. Visual aids, articles, charts, and a ground-breaking video series help hoarders understand their unique condition.

First, hoarders and their helpers in Alabama must determine the type of hoarding they suffer with daily. Compulsive shopping, trash hoarding, inability to part with mail or paperwork, clothing hoarding, and food hoarding are just a few examples of the different types of hoarding. Of these types, varying levels of the condition can range from mild to life-threatening. By using the resources Address Our Mess has provided to Alabama hoarders, a personal and private method of treatment can be determined for any situation.

For hoarders, admitting that the hoarding condition has taken over their lives is difficult in and of itself. Address Our Mess urges hoarders and helpers to seek professional services that offer discrete and intimate care plans. Providing a clean, sanitary living environment is the perfect start to the ongoing battle of the debilitating condition.

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