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Additional 50% off at Savers Thrift Superstore on June 30

Awesome dress found at a thrift store
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Savers Thrift Superstore is already a bargain for shoppers, but is even more-so during their 50% off sales like the one happening this coming Monday. Savers has a leg up on other thrift store competitors for many reasons. The store is gigantic, the clothing is clean, items are well-organized and labeled correctly and there is a grand selection to choose from. They also have very reasonable prices for their clothing, household items and everything in between. Even if you shop there on a non-sales day you can purchase several items for the price of one item at Wal-Mart. Everyone could benefit from savings like that.

The 50% off sale will take place on Monday, June 30th from 9am-9pm. This promotion is not only occurring in Albuquerque, but in any US city or town that has a Savers Thrift Superstore in their area. This is a good time for parents to stock up on clothing for your children. As children grow, the need to acquire bigger clothing is an never-ending cycle. Take advantage of an opportunity like this to save some money in the long run. If your child goes to a school that requires uniforms, buying them midsummer is the perfect time to do so, before everyone goes crazy for the back-to-school sales in August. There's also more of a selection to choose from.

This promotion is really a good deal for anyone of any age or gender as there are clothing selections for everyone. In addition to the clothing itself, there is also plenty of shoes and accessories to choose from. While most home goods are not 50% off this time, the Bed & Bath items will be. However, look out for the color of the day. If there is a home item you like and the tag is the color of the day, it too will be 50% off. Savers can get really packed for their 50% off days so be sure to get there early to get the best deals.

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