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Adding With Ease

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Are things not adding up for your child when it comes to math? Sometimes when a child is taught math, simple adding and the connection between the amounts of a number gets lost. If you are sure your child can count, but the concept of one group added to another isn't clicking, this is an easy situation to fix.

Touch Math is a program that has been developed for these types of children. The program starts with the basics, adding and subtracting, then progresses to multiplying, dividing, fractions, time , money and even story problems.

Touch Math numbers have points in them that correlates to the number it represents. For example, a 3 has three points inside the number. Once they have learned this, they actually start to add with ease. But don't worry about the points, the program will eventually take them away, and the child will be able to calculate on their own.

Now that the children are coming to the end of the school year, this may be a good idea for summer learning. You can visit their website at