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Adding to your family again

Look....prices change and so do families!
Look....prices change and so do families!
Natalie LaRoe

You have five children and now you want to add more?

Yes, sometime this decision seems a little crazy. Many kids are still in the home and you still have a heart for more! This of course, is the norm for many adoptive homes.

In today's world of adoption, child listings can be found everywhere online.  However, this may not be the best way to decide on more children for you. It takes more than a look online to determine if a child will be the family member you hope to have.

Here are a few considerations to look into when evaluating adding more to your family:

  • Do your current children feel comfortable with the idea of having more children in your home?
  • Does your current lifestyle allow you to spend quality time with each of your children if you add more children?
  • Is your household income sufficient to support more children?
  • Why do you desire another child?
  • Are both parents completely supportive if the idea of enlarging your family and its dynamics?

After looking into the above considerations, take a very  close look at what your other children may be feeling - but not necessarily saying to you. Often those hidden conflicts can cause grief later on. Resentments not addressed before the adoption can be major issues in the future.

In today's world of multi-cultures, you may also consider the choice of adopting a child from another race. Is this something that works well for you and your family? Some school districts or areas where you live unintentionally frown on these kind of situations, however, feel free to "break the mold"!

When adding another child to your home, also consider getting a close look at the culture your potential adoptee may come from. Is this a situation that would be difficult for the children of your own family? Your current family "set-up" may not be ready to handle different religious beliefs or other situations that can arise. This is always something you can talk to others about who have spent time with the potential child.

Again, always seek the advice of  those who have experience in adopting or have similar situations to yourself. They will be great mentors and support for the unexpected.

Above all, don't be discouraged. It is worth it all when the process is finally complete.

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