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Adding separates to your wardrobe

Expand your wardrobe with bright separates
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Ever look at one rather pricey addition to your wardrobe and walk away from a sale? Have you ever been hesitant to add a vest, sleeveless dress or sweater to your collection for a new season of clothes? Did you find that in the past, you've missed out on the chance to add flair to what you have in your closet with something like a new jacket? Did you swear that you'd regret it if you found another such separate that you didn't buy in the future? Do you plan to buy another such separate if you find something like it again, especially in Chicago?

Ralph Lauren, Jones new York and Michael Kors are three designers who come out with styles that are classic and enduring. Even if you pay more for them when you compare them to a designer like Rafaella, they have designs that they feature in Chicago that you can use in your wardrobe regularly. Even though you might not wear them every week all spring and summer, you'll be able to use them every year for a long time. By the time twenty years have passed, you may find, if you keep track of them, that they'll be one of the least expensive additions to your wardrobe because of how versatile they are. One or two tops or purses from their collections may be just what you need to expand your repertoire. They might be the right thing to wear on special occasions like that distinctive dinner date or afternoon at the opera. You'll give others the impression that you are rich and famous with such separates and accessories even though you may just be a very smart shopper who listens to advice and capitalizes on it.

Now is the time to look at the sales. Your next Calvin Klein separates for spring, priced at $100 or a little less, may be just what you need if you want that little black dress or something equally versatile and beautiful. When you are looking at Lord & Taylor, you may find such a wardrobe stretcher, the one that may be the perfect addition for the outfit you want to create. Don't stop shopping. You will probably find something like your next favorite pair of Anne Klein shoes if you don't, the one that will go with your next clothing acquisitions, especially if your shopping in Chicago for work or for play!

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