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Adding public art installations to Redondo Beach living

Redondo Beach Veteran's Park bandshell mural
Redondo Beach Veteran's Park bandshell mural
Stefani Conniff

Are there locations in Redondo Beach that could be enhanced by Public Art?

In the process of discovering Public Art installations in Redondo Beach I found a few fun pieces that are existing, and many places where art could exist. So now it is time enhance the Redondo Beach community with unique art installations and creative places to be.

 What is Public Art?

 Maybe public art makes most of us think of a sculpture or mural. But in fact it is all encompassing; it could be anything from sculptures to fountains, landscape art to architecture and digital to interactive installations. Public art can make an empty space seem like a significant place. It can inspire, ignite discussions and emotions, create memories or just become a place to be. What maybe thought of, as a simple decoration becomes an interpretation of a location that interacts with its environment. An empty space transformed by color, textures, movement and shapes, enhancing the visual enjoyment of the place.

 Why incorporate public art?

Public art can create a sense of identity for a City. It becomes an integral part of living in the neighbor hood instilling pride and a sense of belonging to all who live among the artistic creations. Redondo beach's art movement is slowly creating such a City. We are proud to have our Public art commission working on their first project. Stay tuned to learn more about it!


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