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Addiction and Relationships: Assist or Abort?

Addictions are ugly multi faced animals that can attack the livelihood of a person, their personality, and the people around them. Much like the wolf in the woods, addictions often mask themselves most of the time in the midst of a romance in its blooming stage. Much like a buried landfill though, the toxins of the addiction eventually leach to the surface, and once they do, you are at a challenging crossroads in your romance. Here are the factors that should weigh in your decision to weather the storm of an addiction, or evacuate to emotionally higher ground.


Whether it’s a gambling, alcohol, shopping, or drug addiction should carry the most significant weight on your staying or going. Your partner’s habitual trips to the casino or shopping mall can also create a chasm in your finances if not monitored carefully, but are often not as serious as substance abuse. Daily drunkenness has the adverse effects of increased arguments, and higher risk of such crimes as DWI, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication. Drug addictions are the most severe, especially with substances like heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine, because of the severity of the craving to score another high.



With many drug addictions, the insatiable desire to find a fix can lead to more violent crimes like assault battery, larceny, and theft. When you girl has got to the point of picking into your wallet or lockbox for the expense of her next high, it’s time to unlock an escape plan out of your relationship. If she hasn’t progressed to this point, offering your support to suppress her splurging, shooting, or snorting is more sensible than stepping out of your romance.



Tied to how much she’s hooked on her consuming compulsions, acknowledgement of her addiction also determine the direction of your relationship’s future. If she’s actively consulting a psychologist, or seeing a weekly support group, these are signs that she’s not only aware that she has a problem, it’s also a sign that you should stay together to support her recovery. There’s a catch though to continuing your relationship. Going to support groups is only part of the puzzle, the other part involves an active cutback or cessation of casino trips, or consuming controlled substances. If the only thing she’s quitting is her attendance of AA meetings, your best bet is to call it quits for your relationship.



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