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Addendum to minutia and crap aid deception

Washington D.C. needs serious flushing, perhaps plunging and Roto Rooter!
Washington D.C. needs serious flushing, perhaps plunging and Roto Rooter!Caroon by Gerald J. Furnkranz

This was to be only a one part article on how minutia and crap aid deception. I used the example of the local Horseheads School Board dumped useless information on board members to keep them in the dark, using it as a delaying action. Like mushrooms, keeping them in the dark and dumping manure on them.

Obamacare is such an example. Nancy Pelosi announced “We can’t know what’s in it till we pass the bill.” We’ve since seen after four years we still don’t know what is in it. Much of what we were told was in it is a pack of lies. The bill was passed with mystery so it could be written at the whim of politicians and bureaucrats in the future to mold it as they went along. It could be used as a tool to oppress the people.

What could be hidden in a two thousand to twenty seven hundred page bill? Special favors for political allies and companies that donate to a particular party in power! Oppressive taxation further usurping the freedoms of the people along with a thousand pages of rules and regulations to put more chains on the citizens! Grey areas and dark rooms that allow government to mold the law anyway they want in the future. Even the death panels made up of CPAs deciding who is treated and who is not on the basis of financial data. Basically government deciding who lives and who dies!

This isn’t just the Obamacare Bill that has employed the minutia and crap method of deception. All laws these days are monstrous bills designed to hide many plans for fooling the people. If it is labeled comprehensive it is filled with traps and trip wires to ensnare the American People and their freedoms. Bills are given names opposite to their results. The Affordable Care Act is a complex and convoluted law that will bankrupt the nation.

An immigration bill which has been written many times, yet never enforced. Only the illegal immigration amnesty portions have been enforced, controlling the flow of immigrants has been ignored. So, the only part of a new Immigration Amnesty Bill we can expect to be enforces is the amnesty part.

Big Government is a receptacle of minutia and crap. It is a machine design to produce minutia and crap. Incompetent politicians and bureaucrats who are weak leaders find this chaos produced by big government a perfect place to hide their ineptitude and uselessness. Effectiveness and efficiency are unnecessary and not in their vocabulary! It goes to the point where no one in government knows what is going on in the bloated government. Spending the only action they know.

Massive laws and gigantic bills are an excellent place to hide waste, fraud, corruption and incompetence. The bigger the bill the more nooks and crannies there are to hide corruption. The larger pools of money collecting in government make it easier for crooked politicians and corrupt bureaucrats to find money to skim.

This corruption is growing like an infection in the darkness our government is spreading over the nation. Government is gangrenous, presiding over a free nation whose freedoms are dying.