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Add this device to your mobile list

Another device to add to your mobile list
Another device to add to your mobile list

Today a lot of technology is mobile. Well now there is another mobile device to add to your list. Many people do not have a mobile printer, but soon they might. The ZUta Pocket Printer is a mobile printer that will allow you to print anywhere! The company launched their Kickstarter project only three days ago. The company has already raised over 75% of their $400,000 goal.

This mobile printer will come in handy for many people. This device might be ideal for those people who have to travel often for business or work. The mobile printer has a battery encased inside of it, which can be charged multiple times by simply connecting the usb to your laptop or wall usb charger. One cartridge of ink in the mobile printer can print over 1,000 pages.

The printer is available in two colors, black and titanium white and can currently be bought for a donation of $180 plus a delivery fee from their Kickstarter page. They do offer better versions of the printer for a little more also. The projected shipping date for the Pocket Printer is January 2015. For only a year in the making of this idea it has come a long way. The company has 26 more days to reach their requested goal of $400,000, and many people are confident that they will reach it considering how much they have made in less than a week. To check out the Pocket Printer click the link below.

Click to view Pocket Printer

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