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Add these superfoods to your diet today

Eating the right balance of nutrients can cure imbalances, fix ailments, build muscle, raise energy levels and even improve mood. Pick and choose your favorites or add them all to your diet. Stock up on the following superfoods next time you are in the grocery store and begin feeling better today.

Dark chocolate - This treat is filled with antioxidants and can lower blood pressure. Try to find chocolate that is 60% or higher in cocoa content. The darker the chocolate is, the lower the fat and sugar content. Use in baking or snack on it alone for a delicious treat.

Tea - Hot or iced, this calorie free drink is a great replacement for sugary, high calorie beverages. All teas contain antioxidants and offer benefits, however, green tea has been shown to lower cholesterol and possibly inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Try different herbal teas to suit your mood.

Avocados - These creamy fruits are filled with good fats, fiber and protein, and may help to ward off hunger. Add slices to a sandwich or salad, blend into a shake for a smooth texture, or use them as a side dish.

Grapefruit - Add this tart fruit to your breakfast to help lower insulin levels and prevent fat storage. At 90% water grapefruits also help to fill you up and keep you hydrated. Mix slices into a salad, enjoy with other fruit, or eat alone before a meal to maintain blood sugar levels.

Hot peppers - These peppers contain capsaicinoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties, are anti-cancer and benefit the heart. Try adding to a salad, soup, salsa, or stir fry.

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