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Add the title of REAP Ambassador to your resume

Ambassadors, of all ages, GIVE BACK to their community
Ambassadors, of all ages, GIVE BACK to their community
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Are you an Ambassador? According to Webster’s Dictionary …

Highest-ranking diplomatic representative of one government to another or to an international organization. As formally defined and recognized at the Congress of Vienna (1815), ambassadors were originally regarded as personal representatives of their country's chief executive rather than of the whole country, and their rank entitled them to meet personally with the head of state of the host country.

Originally, only the principal monarchies exchanged ambassadors; the U.S. did not appoint ambassadors until 1893. Since 1945 all nations have been recognized as equals, and ambassadors or their equivalents are sent to all countries with which diplomatic relations are maintained. Before the development of modern communications, ambassadors were entrusted with extensive powers; they have since been reduced to spokespeople for their foreign offices.

The role of Ambassador (personal representatives) is important to countries, but they are also important to our local non-profits.

REAP – Richmond Entrepreneur's Assistance Program, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides comprehensive job training and meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities. An important resource in our community, and they also have AMBASSADORS.

Become a REAP Ambassador

Reap Ambassadors help share news about REAP and increase awareness of the need to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Once a month, ambassadors receive REAP news which they are asked to share with friends and family through favorite social media. News may include:

  • Upcoming events
  • News stories
  • Success stories

If you want to be a one-time helper, you can:

  • Share a YouTube link to help improve awareness and improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities:

"Heart To Heart"
"Because" PSA

  • Share how you are making a difference and challenge your friends, family and coworkers to share how they can or are making a difference
  • Share your company’s inclusionary practices and encourage others to implement and share inclusionary practices at their workplace
  • Share links to one of the following websites and challenge your contacts to commit to taking action in one way:
National Disability Employment
Awareness Month

The title of Ambassador is important – an honorable title. And REAP would like to add your name to their list of Ambassadors, personal representatives to help share the mission of comprehensive job training and meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities in our community.

Click here to become a REAP Ambassador today and add this title to your resume!!!

For more information about REAP Ambassadors, or their other volunteer opportunities:

Karen Hannon, Executive Director


Telephone: 804-874-4591

Ambassadors are happy people; they hold an honorable title that GIVES back, not only to their community, but to the world.

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