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Add Spice to Your Relationship and Tighten Your Buns at the Same Time!

Ladies, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an exotic dancer? Honestly. You don't have to answer out loud, but think about it.  To be on stage, to be in the spotlight, to have control over every man in the room, to be the center of their universe and the lady of their dreams; doesn't sound so bad right?  Not if every man in the room is only your man.  And that room, is your bedroom, and no one will ever know about it, not even his best friend since 5th grade.  That's probably what you're thinking if you're anything like me.  And if you're anything like me, then it is probably safe to consider you to be an "everyday woman."  More and more in America, "everyday women" like you and me are searching for new ways to improve their lovelife and keep their guy entertained in the bedroom.  Co-Creator of The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women, Leah Stauffer says on her website "The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® is an exotic dancing class that has less to do with exotic dancing and more to do with transformation, self-confidence, authentic self-expression, freedom, joy and real personal power"  (  In the classes, women learn exotic dance moves that can be found in belly dancing and burlesque style dancing. 

These ladies break a sweat while learning a few new tricks.

This wide spread interest in exotic dancing doesn't stop their.  Model Carmen Electra has created a cardio workout video based on exotic dance moves called Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease.  The series, consisting of 5 DVDs, teaches you dance moves progressing from beginners level in the first DVD to more advanced moves as you move through the series.  So not only might you develop a dancers body, you will also learn a series of exotic dance moves to try out on your man (or woman) after finishing just the first DVD.  You can visit to find out more information or to order the series.

If you find yourself becoming more interested in this idea of exotic dancing for exercise, but don't want to risk ordering a DVD that may or may not bring results, think about attending an exotic dance fitness event right here in Columbus.  Flirty Fitness is an event hosted by Radiance Public Relations LLC. and Too Savvy Productions and will take place on March 18, 2010. Hosted at Infinity Dance and Wellness in Worthington, a fitness professional will instruct the audience on exotic dance moves that incorporate pole dancing and chair dancing that are also specialized to create a beneficial cardio workout.  The cost for the 2 hour class is only $32 and guests will also be provided with light appetizers and drinks. This is a great opportunity to kick a couple calories and have fun doing it.  You are able to register online for this all female event at  And don't wait, spaces are limited and tickets are going fast.

Don't worry about feeling embarrassed, women all over the city and the country are experimenting with exotic dancing as exercise and to put a little spice back in their love life.  I recommend only trying this if you are in a committed relationship. The repercussions of trying something this racy on a new sexual partner may be more then you are able to handle and a little embarrassing depending on his reaction.  Don't be afraid to talk to your guy about your interest in the class.  You might be surprised to find out some of his fantasies and more then likely he will encourage the idea.  And of course, you should not attempt the class if you have heart or health issues.  If you are unsure of weather or not you may be negatively affected by participating, I suggest calling your doctor first...Better safe then sorry.

And here's something I never thought I would say...

Happy Stripping!

Find out more about The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women at

You can purchase Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease on or at

Go to or to find out more about Flirty Fitness on March 18.


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