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Add dimension to scrapbooking pages by raising stickers

Use self-adhesive foam to add dimension to stickers.
Use self-adhesive foam to add dimension to stickers.
Beth McMurray

Are your scrapbooking pages looking flat and lifeless? There’s an easy way to add dimension to your pages by starting with a common scrapbooking embellishment: the sticker. The ordinary sticker becomes a refreshing addition when you combine it with self-adhesive foam pieces.

You can create a 3D or stuffed look by adding self-adhesive foam pieces to the back of stickers. Keep the foam away from the edges of the stickers so you will be able to press the edges down to your paper. Once you press the edges down, the middle areas will remain raised over the foam pieces.

Have fun and experiment using this easy scrapbooking technique on just about any kind of sticker. Stuff a teddy bear, add dimension to a flower or make a ball look like it’s bouncing off the page.

You can also create movement on the page by using identical or similar stickers and varying the amount of foam underneath. Place one sticker flat, without using foam. Put a little foam under a second sticker, to make it slightly raised. Add more foam under a third sticker, to raise it even more than the previous sticker. This movement technique is especially fun to use with animal stickers. Imagine using varied amounts of foam to evoke a frog leaping across the page.

Enjoy using foam adhesives with your stickers and forget about the tired peel-and-stick routine. Instead, peel, stick and pop, with a fresh approach to stickers that’ll pop right off the page!