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Add author Creston Mapes' suspense novels to your summer reading list

A summer reading list can mean different things to different people. Some may plan to read the classics that have somehow been neglected through the years and others may choose to fill their summer months with tales of romance and love. This reader wants suspense and thrill-filled pages that make her heart race and cause her to wonder if the hero will make it out alive!

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Author website
Christian fiction author Creston Mapes
Author website

One author that should be on everyone's must-read list for suspenseful thrillers is Creston Mapes. His third title in the Crittendon Files series, "Sky Zone," was released on June 1. However, there is a whole summer's worth of books by this author that are worth adding to any vacation or weekend getaway. Here they are, in order of release date.

"Nobody" is the story of reporter Hudson Ambrose and murdered homeless man he discovers minutes before police arrive on the scene. Always trying to get the next big scoop, Hudson must make a split-second decision when he discovers a bank book with a balance of almost a million dollars on the victim. As he tries to connect all the seemingly-random connections to this man, he will also uncover secrets about himself.

"Dark Star: Confessions of a Rock Idol" is the first of a two-book series about Everett Lester, the lead singer of heavy metal band DeathStroke. Everett can't find peace in the life he is leading and drugs haven't helped either. He decides to hire a psychic to travel with the band in an effort to bring about the peace he so desperately seeks. When a body is discovered in Everett's penthouse, though, he soon realizes that the letters he has been receiving from Kansas teenager Karen Bayliss may hold the key to finding everlasting peace.

"Full Tilt" continues the story of Everett Lester and what he now believes is his mission in life. As he struggles to reach the lost with a message of hope, his old lifestyle seems to be following him. His brother is deep in debt to the mob and meth-addicted acquaintances are threatening to drag Everett back into habits he never wants to experience again.

"Fear Has a Name" is the first title in the Crittendon Files series and introduces readers to journalist Jack Crittendon. Not only is Jack trying to unravel the mystery of why a missing pastor would commit suicide, but he also must protect his family from someone who seems to be watching their every move. Can Jack hold it together and protect the ones he loves without losing his faith?

"Poison Town" is the second novel featuring journalist Jack Crittendon. When it seems something or someone is poisoning the residents of Trenton City, Ohio, the cause appears to be the manufacturing plant on the poor side of town. However, everything appears to be on the up and up at the plant and no solid lead can be found. When Jack's mechanic falls ill, though, Jack begins to take a closer look at the who and why behind the mysterious symptoms.

"Sky Zone" is the latest title to be released in the Crittendon Files series. Investigative journalist Jack Crittendon is out of work, his wife has had to take a full-time job to replace their income and they are expecting a baby to arrive any day. It doesn't help that his mother-in-law is also living with Jack and Pamela since her husband recently died. When Jack accepts a job as a security guard at a rally for a controversial presidential candidate as a way of contributing to the family financially, he has no idea that it may be up to him to save the lives of thousands.

Each of these tension-filled thrillers can be purchased from the author's website or from neighborhood independent Christian bookstores.

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