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Add a video clip in an eBay item auction description

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How to add a video clip in an eBay item auction description:

1. Find a location free of clutter in a well-lit area. A clean wall free of frames or a cabinet door works well. If all else fails, use a piece of posterboard (white or black) to prop the item up against. I sometimes use a piece of posterboard folded on the kitchen countertop for smaller items such as shoes, jewelry and small toys.
2. Shoot a video of the item using any video camera. I have an iPhone 4S and while other smartphones shoot better quality video, this will suffice for now. You may describe the item as you show it to the camera, giving multiple views. Be sure to speak calmly and clearly.
3. You can upload your video to any video host site (Google, AOL, Vzaar, DailyMotion). For my example, I will use YouTube. From a smartphone, you can upload the video directly to YouTube by using the free app, Capture. If you do not already have a YouTube account, create one. It is free and easy to do!
4. Once the video is uploaded, click "Share Link" to access the embed code
5. Click Embed, then choose the checkbox to "use old embed code"
You must select to use the old embed code in your eBay auction description. The new embed code uses <IFRAME> which is prohibited in an eBay item description.
6. When listing the item on eBay, click the HTML tab to insert the embed code you just copied.

I believe using video clips to present an item in good working condition will give you an advantage over other eBay sellers listing the similar items. Potential buyers will appreciate that your auction has a video clip showing how an item operates or that the item is in good working order. I have used video clips in many of my auction listings including:

1. Handheld video games
2. Vintage clocks
3. Vintage toys
4. Vintage Christmas lights

Click here to see my eBay item auction using a video clip



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