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Add a little "Ammo" to dinner

Ammo in Hollywood CA
Ammo in Hollywood CA

If you find yourself in Hollywood looking for a place a little less touristy and a little bit more of a local favorite, you need not look any further than Hollywood's indigenous spot, Ammo. With it's location just barely off the beaten path at Highland and Lexington, Ammo is just about a mile from all the hoopla taking place on Hollywood Blvd. It's the perfect escape after a jam-packed tourist day!

Ammo is unusual in that it's menu depends on the seasons of the year and what the local farmers have to offer at the markets. The menu consists of nothing but the freshest ingredients to create it's American dishes and offers many organic options. The menu is versatile featuring seafood, steak, chicken and pork options to it's diners. It is open for lunch and dinner and even offers a Sunday brunch which serves specialty drinks such as elderflower mimosas.

Each Sunday, Ammo throws a Sunday Roast, cooking a fixed menu for the night. The roast is different each week and reservations are recommended. The Sunday Roast is called such as the meal is cooked within Ammo's wood burning oven and has featured fan favorites such as lamb legs, Alaskan King salmon and even a 30 pound ham from an heirloom pig. This up coming Sunday, October 10th, the theme is vegetables and lots of 'em! For more information on Ammo's Sunday Roast, please click the following link:

For such fresh tasting foods and casual yet elegant ambiance, the prices on Ammo's ever-changing menu are affordable for most anyones budget, traveling or not. Because the menu changes almost everyday, the updated menu for the day is always posted on the website to give you a heads up as to what to expect when you arrive for your meal- or, if you're not a particular eater, just walk in and be surprised as no matter the day, many options are always there to choose from.

For more information on Ammo, please click here:


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    The roast on sundays are good but who wants only vegs for dinner. not me for sure.

  • Kelly Kerts 4 years ago

    I love me some veggies!! Sign me up!!

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