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Add a boost to food with CaffeinAll


Energy drinks are all the rage right now but some of them contain so much caffeine that it can be unhealthy.

To add just a little jolt to your day, we recommend CaffeinAll.

The caffeine powder can be added to anything from drinks to food for an extra kick and the best part is you can control the amount being included with just a few shakes.

Add a teaspoon to your smoothies, granola bars, muffins, or cookies — just like you would a spice or other add-in — to give your recipes an extra kick without altering the flavor.

The company Caffex began in 2011 with gourmet caffeinated marshmallows that were created in three different flavors – coffee (double cup), java (double espresso) and mocca (chocolate espresso).

Since its inception, sales took off and they introduced a new product – double chocolate, including ChocoMallow Squares and CoffeeMallow Squares, then later MintMallow Squares.

CaffeinAll was born shortly after as a means of adding caffeine powder to any type of food quickly and easily. What makes it so unique is that it can be easily taken with you on the go so you can bring it to your favorite restaurant for an extra boost. The non-breakable shaker sprinkles out 100 mg of caffeine, the equivalent of one cup of strong coffee. It can be sprinkled onto vegetables, fruits, salads, pizza and ice cream to turn any food into instant energy.

Best of all, the product does not taste bitter, unlike some coffee. Of course, if you are pregnant or have a heart or any other medical condition, be sure to consult a doctor first before taking.

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