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Adapting Your Car for all Ages

Adapting your car for all ages
Adapting your car for all ages

Cars have always been a symbol of freedom. You can just get in your car and drive wherever you feel like it or anywhere you need. But is the car comfortable and easy to use as you grow older or have certain disabilities? Here are some thoughts on how you could improve your car to fit all ages.

What to look for when buying a car

Before we get to the adapting your car part, let’s see what we could look out for when buying a car.

First, look at how wide the doors are, as you might need more space than usual to maneuver getting in and out of the car. Two-door cars have a wider door opening, but the doors might be heavier. If you need more space, then this comes right up your alley, as some minivans today come with doors that can be opened and closed automatically with a push button.

Now for storage space – is there enough for wheelchairs and other equipment? See if the trunk is large enough for everything to fit in or if the backseat door opens wide enough to put what you need in there.

And most important, how easily can the car be adapted and how much would it cost? Today, there are many options available to improve a driver’s range of vision and help with mobility issues, so check the market before making a decision.

What you can do for more comfort

Here are some things that you could on your own needing to seek professional installation:
• if it’s harder for you to get in or out of the car you can look for a Car Caddie – this is a portable handle that attaches to the window frame that you can grab a hold of to balance yourself. Another option is the Hanybar™ that is on the same principle as the Car Caddie;
• you might also need help getting around while inside the car, so if moving around is hard for you, look for a Swivel Seat Cushion. This can easily be placed on your seat and it allows you more freedom of movement;
• if you use a wheelchair, you could get a Beasy board to help you transfer from the car to the wheelchair and vice-versa.

Changes that need professional installation

There are some changes you might need to make to your car that need a little outside help. Here are some things you could add / change to your car.

Instead of just adding a seat cushion, you could change the seat completely, as there are some special seats that rotate towards the door and lift up or down in order to make the transfer to / from the car easier. And staying on the comfort side, you could also have the seat belts adjusted to your needs.

If you have a limited mobility, then it would be a good idea to install an LCD panel under the rearview mirror. This way, you’ll be able to even see behind your car as you back up without any effort.

There are also changes to the pedals you could make – you could have hand controls on the steering wheel that control the accelerator and the brakes or if you can’t reach the pedals, extensions could be installed.

Depending on the needs you have, cars can be easily be adapted to allow you to drive safely and comfortably.

Author Bio: Chris, having been in the car industry for many years as an expert in providing car stereo and video systems, headset monitors, backup cameras and subwoofers have guided many people on these issues. He is an expert on car technology, audio systems, Bluetooth integration and car stereo. When he is not busy he is working on various products or finding ways to make car works better for everyone, Chris spends his time by writing informative articles and he covers numerous topics for a variety of websites e.g- Tca Car Audio.

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