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Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys announces cancer



Today Adam Yauch announced he has cancer in his throat through a home video alongside band mate Adam Horovitz. The tone of the video varied from serious to humorous throughout, showing their optimistic outlook on the situation. 

Due to this, they are canceling some of their upcoming shows (they are currently on tour) including their stop at Austin City Limits. Of course his health is of great importance, but this is a big hit to the thousands of fans anticipating their show.

Who will fill this void? They were set to be one of the headliners on Friday alongside Kings of Leon. Who is worthy of replacing them?

Here are my guesses: Rage Against the Machine (even though they hardly tour and are no longer together,) Nine Inch Nails (yes I heard Trent Reznor's announcement) Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Jane's Addiction.

Check out the video here. Best of luck Adam, get well soon.

Photo courtesy of Us Magazine