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Adam Shankman reportedly offers to be Zac Efron's sobriety coach

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Zac Efron attempted to keep his two stints in rehab a secret, but considering his star power, it is no surprise that word leaked out. However, it seems that Zac Efron may be once again struggling with sobriety. According to an April 2 story by Perez Hilton, there are sources close to Zack that are concerned he may be relapsing back into his old habits.

Adam Shankman has shown special concern about the struggles Zac Efron has been facing. In fact, sources close to Adam have revealed that he has been repeatedly reaching out to Zac Efron about enrolling in the Passages Malibu treatment program. This was the same program that Shankman entered when he was experiencing similar addiction troubles.

Adam sees that Zac isn’t on a great path and has even gotten a little sloppy lately. And since they’ve been friends for years, Adam has reached out to Zac and is trying to get him into the same program he completed at Passages in Malibu. He’s even offered to be Zac’s sober coach!” - Insider to Adam Shankman

It is not known whether Zac Efron will take up Adam Shankman’s advice about attending the Passages Malibu treatment program. However, if he is suffering from addiction troubles, then we all hope that he gets the help he needs.