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Adam Sandler reads fake fan letter at ‘People’s Choice Award’ (video)

Adam Sandler’s acceptance speech was a funny moment on the People’s Choice Awards. The star had a good laugh during the Wednesday night broadcast and he even incorporated his friend (and sometimes co-star) Drew Barrymore. After winning an award Adam Sandler took the stage to thank the fans. While many viewers were thrilled to see the comedic legend on stage, he made everyone laugh before he left and it was at Barrymore’s expense.

“This means a lot to me I appreciate this," said Adam Sandler on stage addressing the fans. “I got a fan letter today and it kind of sums up all the sweetness that comes my way so I am going to read it to you."

Sharing the special note he pulled from his inside jacket pocket, the entertainer revealed how he loved making people smile. While the note wasn't perfect English by any means, the star carried on until he came to the end of the letter and joked it was written by Drew Barrymore.

While the category had some strong competition, Adam Sandler really had been a big fan of the public over the years. Showcasing some of his funniest work, the public always seems to pull for the comedian who some might find unsuspecting.

Take a look at the video clip of Adam Sandler joking on stage with the fake fan letter. His acceptance speech is hysterical

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