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Adam Richman weight loss: 'Man vs. Food' host shows it all off after weight loss

Adam Richman
Photo by Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

Adam Richman of "Man vs. Food" has lost 70 lbs. and looks amazing. He is not afraid to show it all off though. On Thursday, US Magazine shared the new Cosmopolitan picture that shows off pretty much every thing on his body. He has a ball covering the important parts but you can see how great he looks in this new picture.

He spoke out saying, "If you're a guy who's always been the fun-to-be-around teddy bear, then all of a sudden people are viewing you as sexy, it's nice. It's great not having to be the plucky best friend, or the comic relief anymore—I love that. Who wouldn't rather hear, 'Wow, you look great,' than, 'Ewww…'?"

Adam Richman changed his entire lifestyle to make sure he could lose the weight. He took off 70 lbs. and has been doing a great job of keeping it off. So far he looks great and nobody has a bad thing to say about him now. He should be proud to show off this weight loss.

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