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Adam Richman weight loss: Drops 70 lbs., poses nude with soccer ball for modesty

Adam Richman drops 70-lbs. Shows it off in crude centerfold?
Twitter/ Cosmo promo

Adam Richman's weight loss is astonishing, but his way to show it off is just a bit bizarre. He is laying naked surrounded by USA soccer balls and he has one covering his private area. The Travel Channel's the "Amazing Eats" host is proud of the way he looks, as he should be, it is just that seeing the usually eating machine posing in the nude is a culture shock! There's no more excess baggage.

According to Us Magazine on June 5, Richman dropped 70 lbs. and it also looks as if he has been working out because he has some muscle definition going on in his latest picture. He tells the media that he went from "I hated the way I looked" to being a centerfold in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

This is the guy who had his fans turning green from watching him eat so much in "Man vs. Food." That was his former "pig-out" show and he is now doing things a bit different today.

There is no way he could keep that body eating like he did on "Man vs. Food." Richman would travel the land for restaurants that offered eating challenges. Some of his plates came with 10 lbs. of food. He would chomp it down every time.

He says he's the guy who's always been the "fun to be around teddy bear." Going from that to now being called "sexy," Richman says "that's nice."

According to the Celebrity Cafe, he calls being in Cosmo, "a profound honor." He has been working with a nutritionist and playing soccer to get himself down to this healthy weight. He likes not been the comic relief in the room or the pudgy friend.

His centerfold in Cosmopolitan leaves little to the imagination and it's a bit startling when you first come across the picture if you're a fan of the man. It is just not what you'd might expect from him.

It could be his new found sexy good lucks have gone to his head just a bit, and again rightfully so. He wouldn't have been a centerfold a year ago because he was so soft and hefty.

He shows off his massive 70-lb weight loss in July 2014 edition of Cosmopolitan.

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