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Adam Muema, San Diego RB: 'God spoke to him' before he went missing

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San Diego State running back Adam Muema is nowhere to be found after he left the NFL Scouting Combine this weekend. While the Aztec coaches are trying to get a hold of him, the Union Tribune reports that Muema told them that "God spoke to him," according to the NFL News on Feb. 26.

A former San Diego State teammate spoke with the media under the condition his name was not released, said Muema was “deeply religious” and "God spoke to him through numbers." When the Tribune spoke with Muema he told them that God "told me to sit down, be quiet, and enjoy the peace."

Spring practice starts for San Diego State today, Wednesday. Aztecs' coach Rocky Long’s scheduled post-practice news conference is sure to bring up questions of Muema’s disappearance.

While it is too early to say the RB is missing, friends haven’t seen him either. Muema’s “closest family member” was contacted, but refused to answer any questions. The coaches said that every time they try to contact the RB, his phone is off.

The mystery continues as the hunt is on for the RB Adam Muema. Fans are concerned that if Muema is told by God today to sit and relax, that this may continue into the future.

Anthony Demetrius Allen, one of the top commentators on the NFL article said:

“The fact that he supposedly chose 'God' over the combine may show that he'd ultimately chose God over football in the future and abandon his team.”

Another commentator brought up the point that leaving the combine, isn’t leaving the team. Phillip Rosencrans wrote:

“Dude left the combine, last I checked that has nothing to do with camp or games.”

The true test of this will be how committed Muema is to the game and practices. Others made light of Muema talking to God and many wondered what God would tell him to do next.