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Adam Lind discusses custody battle with Chelsea Houska on 'Teen Mom 2'

'Teen Mom 2' star Adam Lind shows off his muscular physique
'Teen Mom 2' star Adam Lind shows off his muscular physique
Adam Lind/Instagram

Adam Lind and Chelsea Houska have yet to come to an agreement regarding the custody of their four-year-old. Since Aubree's birth, the pair have been at odds and while they have brief stints of getting along, they are currently feuding on new episodes of "Teen Mom 2."

As Lind struggles with legal drama in his personal life, his duties as a father have seemed to be put on hold -- and it hasn't been fun for Houska -- or for Aubree. In a bonus clip from the latest episode, Lind was seen arriving late for one of Aubree's events, which hurt her feelings and upset her mother. In the same clip, Lind discussed his and Houska's custody issues.

“This weekend is my weekend to have [Aubree], and in our court papers my parents are the only ones that are allowed to pick her up, and they’re out of town for my brother’s baseball game,” Lind vented to two friends in a clip posted on Aug. 21 by Wetpaint Entertainment. “I asked Chelsea if another family member — like my brother or my brother’s wife — if they can pick her up and she said no. Which is bullsh—t.”

Since Lind's driving record is less than stellar (and includes a handful of accidents and three reported DUIs), Houska is less than willing to let her daughter get in the car with him, which has presented a problem for them both.

Hopefully, as time goes on, Lind can clean up his act. After all, no one can really blame Houska for being strict with her daughter. If he could get his life together and stop making mistakes, she'd surely work with him and make visitation easier.