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Adam Lind claims Chelsea Houska slept with his brother and best friend

'Teen Mom 2' star Chelsea Houska takes a selfie.
Chelsea Houska/Twitter

Adam Lind accuses Chelsea Houska of sleeping with his best friend and brother during the upcoming "Teen Mom 2" reunion show.

According to Adam, Chelsea isn't the good girl MTV portrays her to be, and he has tons of dirty on her past life.

"Lind says that while pregnant with their daughter, Aubree, Chelsea had sex with his best friend. Adam also revealed that Chelsea slept with his very one brother!" the Hollywood News Daily reported on April 9. "While Chelsea Houska didn’t deny her actions, she did say that most of that was in the past and before she knew Adam. Randy also made a point to say that Adam slept with one of Taylor’s friends (Chelsea perhaps?) while she was pregnant with baby Paislee."

It's hard to believe that Chelsea would have had sex with two of the closest people to the father of her child, but if it was before Adam, perhaps he should cut her a break. If he was okay with starting a relationship with someone who allegedly slept with his best friend and brother, why is he holding it against her now?

As for Adam and Taylor, he claimed at the reunion that things between them were great, but since the show taped, the pair have split.

For more of this story and more, tune into "Teen Mom 2" every Tuesday night on MTV at 10 p.m.

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