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Adam Levine blonde: Star dyes his hair shocking fans

Adam Levine
Adam Levine on Instagram

Adam Levine is shocking his fans with his new blonde hair color. On Sunday, US Magazine shared about his new hair color. He shared the picture on social networks and fans are really not sure what to think about this one. Adam is in the picture along with his fiance Behati Prinsloo. The picture just simply shows a picture of his face with the new hair.

If Adam's hair stays this color, then everyone will be talking about it during "The Voice" live shows on Monday night. When Ce Lo Green showed up with a new fake tattoo on his head, everyone was interested in knowing why he had this and what was going on with it. Twitter will go crazy. Fans always have mixed feelings when their favorite stars change up their looks. Some are going to love it and others will hate it for sure.

The thing is at this time nobody knows why Adam Levine has dyed his hair blonde or if it is a permanent color. Adam does some acting so it could be for a job. He also does a little bit of modeling here and there. He could just be playing around and trying something new out for the fun of it. You can safely assume that Carson Daly will ask him on "The Voice."

Adam did go to Twitter today to talk about it a bit. He said, "I hope people understand that when they say my hair looks creepy i take that as the highest compliment." His fans are quickly replying and some love it, but others hate his hair this new way. It sounds like Adam Levine doesn't really care what they have to say about his new blonde locks. You know that Blake Shelton will have an opinion and that is going to be an interesting one to hear.

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