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Adam Lambert tapes Oprah segment in Chicago and releases new video

Adam Lambert's smiling a lot these days with an appearance on Oprah and a brand new video release.
Adam Lambert's smiling a lot these days with an appearance on Oprah and a brand new video release.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Charles Sykes, file

It was another busy week in the life of Adam Lambert, as he arrived in Chicago to tape a segment for The Oprah Winfrey Show. Fans from near and far scrambled to submit their requests, via lottery, for a seat in Oprah's audience, and the chosen ones didn't waste a minute getting to Harpo Studios in time for the taping. 

Lambert taped his segment on Thursday, January 13th, which included a lengthy chat with the daytime queen of talk, along with a performance of his current single Whataya Want From Me?.  Some of the show's attendees revealed that  Lambert requested a second take on the song, since he wasn't happy with a note at the end of his performance. After working with the sound crew to make the necessary changes for a do-over, fans were treated to an encore .

Audience members were buzzing with excitement afterward, updating their Twitter accounts with info about the taping. One Chicago-based fan named Anett commented on Adam's demeanor towards the crowd "He was looking out at us in the audience a lot...and smiling.... was very friendly to the entire room!"

Lambert performed a second song from his CD For Your Entertainment called If I Had You, which will appear exclusively on Oprah's website, but reportedly will not be seen when the show airs January 19th.

While in town, A.L. dropped into local radio stations WTMX FM Chicago and KISS FM Chicago for brief interviews before heading back to Los Angeles.  His busy week continues in L.A. as he prepares for his appearance at the 15th Annual Critics Choice Awards on Friday night. He'll be presenting an award with comedienne Sarah Silverman during the show, which will air live on VH1 at 7:00 p.m. CST.

VH1 is also premiering the new video for Whataya Want From Me? on Friday morning, January 15th. This is Lambert's third video release in as many months, following Time For Miracles and For Your Entertainment.  In it, Lambert hits the mark by cleverly interpreting the song's lyrics from two vantage points, personally and professionally, with a message that could parallel his own new-found challenges with celebrity.  The video is beautifully filmed, and poignantly captures the essence of Lambert's soulful plight.

So when can we expect to see Adam Lambert back in Chicago? There are no plans as of yet, however fans are hoping to see him return in concert sometime this spring or summer. Until then, you can see him on The Oprah Winfrey Show January 19th, and in his new video for Whataya Want From Me?

See the new video below.


  • Jason45 5 years ago

    Good Video, I like FYE too. When will we be able to download this anybody know? Great job Adam. Hope you come to Florida for a concert soon.

  • weezle 5 years ago

    Wow, great video. looking forward to the Oprah show, Adam Rocks..

  • nanaofliu 5 years ago

    I love this video. ADAM did a great job. thanks for the nice article. I think Chicago and Lady Oprah gave ADAM the respect and kindness he so deserves.

  • Cindy 5 years ago

    Adam is great in this video. I felt every pain he was feeling. Could he be any HOTTER??? I just LOVE it!!!

  • Lucie 5 years ago

    Beautiful video and that still taken from the end of it is heaven......

    Jason45, it'll be available on itunes but Adam tweeted that that can usually take about two weeks from a video's premier.

  • Bud 5 years ago

    I "think" he tweeted that it will take 2 weeks to to be able to download.

  • Robi 5 years ago

    Different sides of Adam.I love them all!!Beautiful,well done video.I'm in love with his brain!!

  • mara 5 years ago

    Great article. Great video. Love to see different sides of him.

  • TinaLee 5 years ago

    Good vid. Wasn't that one just for the movie and not really his video though? I like the dancing one - For Your Entertainment

  • joely 5 years ago

    He. Is. Gawjuss.

  • sizzlingsmile 5 years ago

    Wow,what a wonderful article about Adam. The WWFM video is very captivating and it evokes strong emotions in me. I love to see Adam's vulnerable side just as much as the wild side. He is always sexy and gorgeous.

  • Janna 5 years ago

    Thank you for your article. I did not know he did sound twice in Oprah, I hope I had been there. Everyone tweeted from audience how warm and beautiful meeting was

  • fabriola 5 years ago

    Awesome song and the video is beautiful, it fits the song perfectly. Very poignant, moving. Thanks for a great article and am looking forward to seeing him on Oprah. I believe his sales will skyrocket after this. Very good publicity.

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