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Adam Lambert seeks support for human rights in Brunei

Adam Lambert
Photo by Jason Merritt

Adam Lambert, a popular gay celebrity and gay rights advocate, has joined many others in speaking out about the Sultan of Brunei and his new anti-gay law. Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has decided to adopt sharia law, the Islamic moral and religious code, which makes consensual homosexual sex punishable by death by stoning. On Thursday, Lambert tweeted a petition link asking President Obama take action by putting sanctions in place against the Sultan of Brunei’s government. Today Adam tweeted disappointment for the response to his plea saying: “My tweet about the heat got more attention than this important petition. C'mon....There are Human Lives at stake.

In fact, his original tweet about the petition received 773 favorites, compared to 1250 favorites for a tweet he made about the hot weather in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

With more than two million Twitter followers it is surprising that Adam’s request for signatures on the petition fell so flat. Other celebrities have also taken a stand against the Sultan of Brunei, such as a celebrity-driven boycott of The Beverly Hills hotel, owned by the Sultan of Brunei. Likewise, several events have been cancelled at the hotel by celebrities, including singer Babyface’s wedding, Kim Kardashian’s baby shower, and The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Women in Entertainment breakfast.

Adam Lambert has been a strong voice for gay rights over the past few years. He has used his celebrity status to provide hope for the LGBT community, and has been recognized by organizations such as Equality California, PFLAG, and GLAAD for his efforts. He has also partnered with The Trevor Project, including their “Live Proud” campaign with AT&T last summer.

If you missed Adam’s endorsement of the petition earlier this week, it is not too late to sign! Will you join him in speaking out about the Sultan’s newly proposed law against gays?

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