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Adam Lambert's November debut means a happy Thanksgiving for fans

Adam Lambert wows fans during American Idol tour in Tulsa, OK.
Adam Lambert wows fans during American Idol tour in Tulsa, OK.
Photo courtesy of Austin Fisher

Adam Lambert fans will have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Lambert has a lot on his plate, and he's getting ready to serve it up hot, just in time for the holidays. His long awaited CD, titled For Your Entertainment, is scheduled for release on November 23rd. As an early appeteaser, RCA released a 30-second 'snippet' of each song on the CD; offering fans and curious onlookers a chance to preview FYE's track list

Apparently, they liked what they heard. Record shattering pre-sale orders have placed the CD high on the list of's top 100 Bestsellers.

If the glitter meter runs out before November 23rd, there's no need for fans to fret....

Lambert's got them covered with a series of appearances prior to his CD's debut:

  • Elle Magazine photo layout with co-Idols Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta. (Dec. issue w/Nov. release)
  • Out Magazine featuring Lambert as one of Most Influential Gays w/ Photos. (Nov. release)
  • 11/13 -"2012" film is released nationwide. Lambert sings the  theme song "Time For Miracles".
  • 11/22 -American Music Awards. Lambert will perform his new single "For Your Entertainment."
  • 11/23 -"For Your Entertainment" Debut CD release

As the media blitz continues, expect a few more sightings...

  • 11/25 -Good Morning America ABC-TV, Check Local Listings
  • 11/25 -Late Show with David Letterman ABC-TV, Check Local Listings
  • 12/01 -Ellen Degeneres Show
  • 12/09 -Anti-Defamation League (ADL) event honoring Steven Spielberg in Los Angeles.

And what's for dessert? Talk of an Oprah appearance, a vocal buffet of musical arrangements from the new CD, some sure-to-be-not-soon-forgotten music videos, and a 2010 concert tour.

That should be enough for Lambert lovers to feast least for awhile.

Gobble, Gobble.

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  • jmfan 5 years ago


    Always enjoy reading your articles. You have such a 'fresh' way with words (loved the appeteaser reference - clever!!!).

    I am one of the Adam Lambert lovers who can't seem to get enough of this 'scrumptious' man. I 'hunger' for more and I 'crave' new Adam videos,interviews and 'juicy' news, every day. I will never tire of his 'delicious' vocals and 'drool-worthy' looks.

    Now,please pass the Adam!! Thank you.

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    That week of Thanksgiving is going to be Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines Day all rolled into one Adam Freakin Lambert Holiday!!!! Can not wait!

  • stolen 5 years ago

    Hey Jennifer! Found your article! Thank you, thank you! Cannot agree more...Adam = scrumptious and we canNOT get enough! Glitter meter, yess! Loved it and love the pic too, very nice.

  • Chase 5 years ago

    I must say, the pic of Adam is an incredible shot!! (^_^) I wish I could've been there, it looks like it was one HELLUVA good time! Keep the awesome articles comin, and I'll keep readin 'em!

  • poprocks 5 years ago

    Love me LOTS of Adam Lambert!!!!! the More the juicier! the merrier! great report thanks Jennifer! Adam always leave me wanting more please!