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Adam Lambert makes his New Year's resolution

Lambert during his American Music Awards performance
Lambert during his American Music Awards performance
AP Photo/Matt Sayles

As 2009 winds down, everyone is counting their blessings and putting together their resolutions for 2010, the turn of a new decade. Celebrities are no exception, specifically not "American Idol" album Adam Lambert.

With a top-selling album and more appearances weekly than can be counted, Lambert has had a great 2009 - going from a virtual nobody in a stage show to one of the most talked about American Idol contestants and celebrities to grace television screens and radios in 2009.

What is his resolution? "I think my New Year's resolution is just to stay positive and enjoy the moment." Lambert explained to MTV News.

Examiner readers, what are your resolutions?


  • idolcritic 5 years ago

    Adam's New Year's resolution sounds like a winner - mine includes to enjoy everything he does and be thankful that he entered the music scene!

  • Dorena 5 years ago

    Staying positive and enjoying the moment seems like a great resolution for this crazy, busy world of ours. So many times we don't take the time to reflect on all that is wonderful. I think I'm going to take Adam's advice and have a positive & fun 2010!

  • Angel 5 years ago

    As always, I will count my blessings. And 2009, the world received the ADAM blessing. It's forever etched in my heart for ADAM's emergence giving joy to my heart. Every tidbit of news, everything about ADAM, everything he does, everytime I watch and listen to him is a joy to me. I count that as my blessing.