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Adam Lambert fans can stream new album 'Trespassing' on his official website

Trespassing from Adam Lambert
Trespassing from Adam Lambert

Calling all Glamberts! The wait is finally over. Adam Lambert's sophomore album, Trespassing, is here! It was released May 15, 2012 and it's certainly number one in my playlist at the moment. And if you haven't already purchased it on iTunes, or you're waiting for your physical copy to arrive, you can stream the entire album for free on Adam's website. You can also download or purchase a CD there for either $6.99 (regular version) or $8.99 (Deluxe version), which will save you about $3.00 from the $11.99 pricetag on Amazon or iTunes.

I'm a huge fan myself, and I must say I'm enjoying all of the 15 tracks. I've been following Adam since his American Idol days, and can't get enough of that golden voice.

The title track, Trespassing, is a bit of a throwback to Queen and Another One Bites the Dust, but as usual, Adam adds his own flavor with his distinct vocals, even if the song sounds familiar. Never Close Our Eyes, which was the second track released, is definitely the most mainstream song and I'm looking forward to any remixes that might be on the horizon. Kickin' In makes me want to get up and dance and reminds me of something Michael Jackson would have produced, but there's no doubt this is Adam, as halfway through we're treated to his signature wail. Broken English and Nirvana (bonus track on Deluxe version) are two of my favorites, where Adam slows it down a notch but stays true to the unusual with an edgy techno-tronic backdrop. Underneath and bonus track Outlaws of Love (available on the Deluxe version of the album) returns fan to the purity of Adam's amazing vocal range, and are both beautiful, haunting ballads.

Each song brings something different, and no two sound the same. That's part of what I love about Adam's unique style. His collaboration with so many amazing talents like Bruno Mars, Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers has definitely delivered a top notch endeavor, and well worth waiting for. Listen for yourself here and let me know what you think...which tracks are your favorites?