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Adam H.: Sarah Geronimo will conquer the international music scene

Adam H. with Sarah Geronimo
Adam H. with Sarah Geronimo
Instagram/Adam H.

Before she went live yesterday, Aug. 30, 2014 (Manila time) or this morning, Aug. 30, 2014 (U.S. time) at Alabang Town Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Adam H., a Canadian producer and song-writer who is now enjoying his stay in the Philippines, posted a photo on Instagram.

Said photo with caption that read; “Hello again from Manila! I am having a blast working on song for the new @justsarahg album and I cannot wait for you to hear them! Sarah Geronimo sounds so good! Watch out North America, she's coming for you,” is the subject of conversation of popsters this morning (Manila time).

Popsters are all excited for their idol’s project with the Canadian song-writer/producer. They agreed that this is probably the right time for the pop star, Sarah Geronimo, to conquer the international market as far as music is concerned. According to Elle Banana Sher, one of the popsters who are following the pop star’s career and love life after she grabbed the title for “A Star for a Night” almost twelve years ago, she is so excited for the project.

She is also predicting that said project with Adam H. is a sure hit. Before he posted the photo on his official Instagram account twenty hours ago, the song-writer/producer has already revealed that the pop star will conquer the North American market in the coming weeks. And while he was calling the attention of his fellow North Americans, he also mentioned that Sarah Geronimo can make it big in the international scene.

He added that the pop star is probably the biggest star in Asia. In the end of his statement which was posted on his official Instagram account, he thanked all the personalities involved in the project, but the pop star's fans and supporters became wild when they noticed that he also thanked MG. They're claiming that Adam was thanking Matteo Guidicelli who is in a relationship with Sarah Geronimo.