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Adam Bones - Feel For Tomorrow

Adam Bones - Feel For Tomorrow
Adam Bones - Feel For Tomorrow

These days the Windy City seems to be blowing some really cool things our way.
From Presidents to bona fide Rock N Roll, arriving in the form of one Adam Bones.
Where guitars sound like guitars and the year is 1981 right? Wrong. This young prodigy has definitely has been stricken by a serious case of old soulitis.

Dropping a new EP on the world like a nuclear air strike. His new EP titled "Feel For Tomorrow", was recorded by producer/composer Evan Beigel (Ambrose, Eddie Cohen, Troup, Merchants of Moonshine) and mixed/mastered by Randy Wine (U2, Bruce Springsteen, Dido, Danzig, Santana).
Adam Bones comes on like a blast from a hidden time capsule, reverberating melodic tune smithing with authentic skinny tie zeal. This sonic gem glistens, and begs to be set on repeat.
Adam Bones is a cool drink of water. Quenching a thirsty cry for untarnished rock music. 
At times Bone's vocals sound hauntingly reminiscent of Joey Ramone possessing Ray Davies. Musically he punches with The Who's solid driving attack, mixed with crisp power pop sensibility. 
If that's not enough to impress. Skilled beyond his craft, Bones wears a few caps, just as any savvy modern icon does.
Most notably, booking for the now defunct Knitting Factory (Hollywood).
Even in over saturated Los Angeles, he managed to consistently assemble a cohesive sounding bill. Which shows clear distinction among his peers in this arena! 
Each night had a specific vibe about it. That was the most enjoyable aspect, aside from the great entertainment he regularly showcased.
Following the Knitting Factory's demise, Adam Bones was just another jobless American scrambling to recover, just when Ari Shine called Bones into action, immediately the two hit the highway armed only with acoustic guitars veering away from smoggy Los Angeles to complete a 2 week tour. Tonight they have just finished up their set in Seattle, Wa. at El Corazon. 
Let's catch up with him and score the low down:

Todd Complex:
How did you hook up with Ari Shrine?
Adam Bones:
I knew Ari from my job booking bands at the knitting factory hollywood. I really liked his look and music so I approached him. Officially, when we both opened for Paul Roberts from The Stranglers, that was the true seed of it.

What are some glowing moments so far on tour?
We did 3 promotional gigs which were real standouts, Ari did a show for MEVIO which is like an online MTV vibe.
Also, we had a phoner with the entertainment section of the Stocton, CA newspaper. But, Roxy Apoxy in Portland. That interview was fun. We did the entire interview Live from a random gas station!
In Portland we added drums to the equation with help from Riley Geare (Junk Face). Riley recorded drums on the Adam Bones band "Feel for Tomorrow" CD. He's super talented, always a pleasure to play with him.
Are you still promoting in LA since The Knitting Factory closed? Are they really gone forever?
I still work for Knitting Factory Entertainment. Mostly doing marketing work for them. Yes, eventually they will find a new location somewhere in Los Angeles and reemerge even better than before!
Do you think being an LA based artist is a positive or a negative?
In a networking sense it's a plus, after all it is the entertainment hub. So the possibility for making contacts is unparalleled. However, building a sizable fan base is quite difficult for a litany of reasons. It's much more productive to head out of town, build your crowd and develop your network regionally.
Nothing new really, just text book music biz stuff.
Is Jerry Seinfeld God?
(Laughing) He is definitely a prophet.

Adam Bones
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